Big Fuss Records Cuts Middleman & Releases “Winning” Directly to Programmers & Music Directors at Radio via Hot-Trax.Com

January 18, 2013 is a subsidiary of Big Fuss Records Incorporated. After considering costs, and convenience to both radio personnel and artists, Big Fuss Records is choosing to deliver new music singles from Miss Kristin’s next release, “Winning”, directly to programmers. The direct delivery method is an innovative, convenient and cost effective solution to the changes taking place within the music industry. Each day and in every country there are new music releases. The audio is often handled by corporate musical giants who spend hoards of money on services like Play MpE and DMDS Deliveries. Big Fuss Records believes in the new age and music enlightenment, where the industry is heading toward a direct to consumer product and delivery approach. The audiences are kept well informed directly from artists and labels with smart, cost effective marketing and advertising.

Universal Music Chairman Lucian Grainge states in a recent interview, “Music is at another transformational moment in its history, as digital, ancillary exploitation and e-commerce grows.” Mr. Grainge goes on to say, “We are at the cusp of a new era in music. It needs more, not less, investment, commitment, innovation and experimentation.”

Hot-Trax.Com services radio, utilizing private music director web pages, where programmers and music directors may log on and download current offerings. Hot-Trax is providing delivery of music to radio in multiple genres. Music is a necessary pleasure which soothes not only those who sing and compose but also those who hear and enjoy. The idea of recreating the past with a modern touch is attractive. In times past radio relied on specific labels with high quality content. It was who you know, and the same holds true today. Radio programmers familiar with the artist have no problem downloading and receiving the new music directly.

Big Fuss Records and Hot-Trax.Com have been managing the business of Miss Kristin and others for what is now close to ten years. Big Fuss Records Incorporated adheres to a DIY mentality. The time tested experience of the label has equipped the Company with effective connections and strategic marketing campaigns. Big Fuss Records created the specialized sister Company Hot-Trax.Com with a primary focus on Music Delivery to Radio. The website is at Big Fuss Records screens and delivers only the best and most suitable radio ready material to music personnel at stations around the globe. This ensures programmers and music directors are not bombarded with material that is not suited for stations and shows. Everyone is busy and time is precious. The industry is changing with the times, and Big Fuss Records is proud to be on the cutting edge of that change with a win/win solution.

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About Big Fuss Records
Big Fuss Records is comprised of some of the best minds in the independent music business. Big Fuss Records and its experienced industry professionals help navigate the sometimes confusing landscape of the recording business by promoting artists through CD reviews, radio interviews, press releases, music distribution to radio, and advertising through social network marketing. Big Fuss Records was established in 2002 and provides quality music worldwide for allocation through all channels of the new music industry. Our mission is to provide radio and web with a current and contemporary product. Our listener demographic is 17 to 65.

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