Celtic Renaissance Music.com Announces the Return of WALTONS of Ireland Bodhráns

January 3, 2013

Celtic Renaissance Music.com is proud to be bringing back one of their all-time favorite musical instrument product lines. They have announced that WALTONS of Ireland Bodhráns will be returning to their product range, after a five-year absence. Marcus Nannini, Vice President of the company, announced the product addition from the companies headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

To celebrate the return of Waltons Bodhráns, the company is offering a special discount for the remainder of 2012. As an already established musical instrument provider within North America, Celtic Renaissance Music aims to establish itself as a leading provider for Irish Drums. They have also announced that they intend to offer a wide variety and range of Walton’s Celtic Design Bodhráns. Irish Drums aren’t the only thing on offer though, as Nannini has announced that they will further branch into an assortment of accessories which will also benefit from hefty discounts.

Their Celtic Design series will boast designs that fit right in with the traditional nature of Ireland. The designs are set to include the Celtic Trinity, Fanore Cross, Celtic Shield, Clonmacnoise and about 12 other designs. Nannini stated that he expects the public to embrace these designs rather quickly and find them extremely appealing. In addition to a unique variety of designs being offered, Celtic Renaissance Music is also offering the professional series Bodhráns, Aged Oak series and the Cruquelure series at a discounted price.

Waltons Irish Drums are renown in the drumming world for their high-quality materials and outstanding musical sound. With a high build quality, aged hardwood construction and natural goatskin heads, Nannini feels that the drums will prove to be very popular in the drumming world. Celtic Renaissance Music.com intends to further establish itself as a leading retailer of Irish Drums, often called Bodhráns, for both the amateur and professional markets.

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