DigiMusicBids.com Gives New Power To Indie Musicians

January 30, 2013

The music industry has finally joined the Internet revolution. Every industry from retail to manufacturing has turned to web-based platforms and B2B marketplaces to find a better way to get things done, and today, DigiMusicBids.com brings that power to the music business.

Finding studio time, equipment, or beats; or even hooking up with booking agents, managers and other musicians has always been an insider’s game. If you’re not “connected,” getting started in the music industry can present insurmountable challenges. DigiMusicBids.com is overcoming those challenges and turning the music industry on its head with the very first music-specific B2B electronic marketplace.

DigiMusicBids.com was created by former independent record label owner and IT consultant Marlo Frierson, who with a foot in both the music and the technology industries, has successfully blended his two passions to give musicians the online venue they need to “get connected.” Musicians, producers, managers, sellers of musical equipment, or anybody with any product or service that is related to the music industry can log on and make their voices heard.

“The Web has changed the way we do business,” said Frierson. “It has leveled the playing field for players across many different industries, and this technology has given the little guy new opportunities that just weren’t there before. With DigiMusicBids.com, our goal is to help those independent folks in the music and recording industry find the goods, services, and connections they need, and the opportunities they deserve.”

Getting his own start in the music industry in 2002, Frierson has experienced those frustrations first-hand with his own independent record label. “With limited resources and few connections, there are roadblocks at every step,” said Frierson. “I’ve seen so many other small businesses and independent people flourish as a result of new Web technologies, and it became obvious to me that this would become the new foundation of the music industry as well. With that in mind, we created DigiMusicBids.com to help empower those indie bands and indie labels to succeed, and to compete more effectively in what has always been one of the most competitive businesses in the world.”

With an initial launch in the music meccas of Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, and Chicago, DigiMusicBids.com plans to help open doors for recording artists, deejays, producers and others in the music business. In addition to providing an online venue for individual musicians, DigiMusicbids.com will also provide a convenient single location for recording studios, record labels, clubs and other music venues to advertise their availability and seek out the best in the industry.

“Other online marketplaces and auction sites tend to be very broad and generic in nature, making it very difficult for people in the music industry to find what they need,” added Frierson. “Our B2B marketplace and online auction makes it very easy for recording artists and others in the music industry to get exactly what they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford.” Users of DigiMusicBids.com simply register on the site and can start immediately, searching for professionals, products, or services. Owners of music venues, recording studios and record labels can also register and post availability, requests for proposals, or jobs and gigs in the recording industry. “Another unique feature we’re offering is a separate channel for the sale of beats and recording tracks, which can be easily sorted and located to match whatever project you’re working on,” said Frierson. “A recording artist or producer can take advantage of this feature to bring in extra revenue by shopping their tracks to a wide audience.”

DigiMusicBids.com is more than just a B2B marketplace though, it’s a place where members can connect, chat about issues, and seek advice through a lively forum. Members can also gain valuable reputation points by uploading their portfolios, and taking advantage of the rating and feedback tool. Recording artists and others in the music industry can take advantage of DigiMusicBids.com today by registering on the web site. It takes only a few minutes, and new members can start to “get connected”, make themselves known, and locate the resources they need within minutes.

For a closer look at the many features offered by DigiMusicBids, visit their web site at htp://www.digimusicbids.com, or view their YouTube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDGFMtY2jFE

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