Evo Promotions Takes a Look at Google Music That Is Expected to Launch and Compete With Apple’s Itunes

January 30, 2013

With the Catch line ‘Set your music free’ and having the ability to upload up to 20,000 songs from your personal music collection Google Music is going to become a serious contender Apple’s iTune. Evo Promotions is excited by the fact that there is going to be increased competition in this market and the Managing Director of says , ‘It is a well know fact that with more companies offering the same services within an industry the consumer can expect better value for money and more variety.’

The search giant has signed up fourth music major EMI and is in serious negotiations with market leader Universal – who together account for a third of all music worldwide. Sony Music and Warner Music, the remaining two majors, are also in talks with Google, although as yet neither are understood to be close to signing up. Andy Rubin, the head of development for Google subsidiary Android, told a conference in Hong Kong that “I think we’re close” to launching Google Music, and added that the service would have “a little twist – it will have a little Google in it. The cloud storage service roughly mirrors Apple’s iTunes Match, in that it will scan a computer hard drive for all the music stored on it – whether paid for or pirated – and will make those songs available to be listened to legally from the remote services. Music executives are enthusiastic about the idea because it gives consumers an amnesty for all previous illegal copies or downloads.

However, some of the music majors are keen that Google charges for its matching service, amid concerns that they do not want to see the search engine dramatically undercut its competitor. Google has always been the type of company to release a product in beta and let their audience help them fine tune it. This practice worked great when the products were all free. After all, how could you complain about something that’s free? Evo Promotions comments further saying ‘Google has always been a pioneer with their products and services and we would like this project to work unlike their attempt with Google TV last year”. Time will tell if Google will triumphs once again with their innovative ideas and ambitious thinking towards technological improvements.


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