RocketHub Partners With Critically-Acclaimed Rale Micic to Propel the Art of the Music Video Through Crowdfunding

January 24, 2013

RocketHub, a grassroots crowdfunding community developed for Creatives by Creatives, has launched a new “Music Video” category on its internationally-renowned fundraising platform. The premier music video project features critically-acclaimed jazz guitarist Rale Micic.

Crowdfunding establishes a web-based event that harnesses an artist’s network and audience for funds, awareness, and authentic feedback. RocketHub Co-founder and CEO, Brian Meece sums it up as “a new spin on an established idea: Beethoven + Social Media = Crowdfunding for the modern musician. Welcome to the re-birth of patronage. Music video projects are the perfect fit for this new type of fan engagement.”

Jazz master, Rale Micic, describes the project: “I believe that, like any other genre of music, jazz deserves good video. Because we will essentially be creating a ‘silent’ movie based on instrumental music, this project has global appeal built into it… The web, mobile devices, etc. make it possible to reach jazz fans in all kinds of new contexts. Though the web has kept music videos relevant, we are planning to reach audiences both within and outside the U.S. through more traditional television outlets as well.”

To learn more and to get involved:

RocketHub Co-founder and COO, Vladimir Vukicevic describes the “Music Video” category launch as “an important next step for crowdfunding. Since artists are already using this powerful and innovative new fundraising method to create music videos, we decided to formally establish and promote these types of projects. Music videos have had a major impact on our lives and it’s our pleasure to support the revival of this artistic form.”

Rale Micic
Rale Micic is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed jazz musicians to emerge from Serbia. Audiences throughout the world have been captivated by Micic’s mesmerizing compositions on his previous releases, Bridges (2003), as well as Serbia (2006), featuring Tom Harrell. Micic explores interaction between his Serbian musical roots and his extensive knowledge of jazz, creating a sound that’s unmistakably and recognizably his own. His brand new release, symbolically titled “3”, is an entrancing trio record featuring Gregory Hutchinson and Scott Colley. “3”, already acclaimed by listeners and critics alike, is described as “a groove heavy record… pure listening pleasure.”

RocketHub is a grassroots crowdfunding community for Creatives by Creatives, founded by Brian Meece – singer-songwriter, Jed Cohen – actor/producer, and Vlad Vukicevic – tech-thinker/writer. The concepts behind RocketHub stem from the founders’ own personal challenges as creative people; therefore RocketHub supports a DIY-ethos that is welcoming and supportive to all Creatives from around the world. “We are the creative underdogs with a mission to liberate creativity through our platform and educational support. RocketHub is the center of the crowdfunding revolution and the foundation of the new creative economy.”

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