New Songs of Trippy Sticks & Hip Hop Models, Not on C.KHiD Next Rap Album

July 18, 2012

Rapper C.KHiD has two albums of new songs & content, ready to release soon in 2012. The self proclaimed ‘Dreamer of Dreamers’ will release new music that is different from today’s popular entertainers, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga. His new albums will bring Hip Hop music back to a hustler’s organic thoughts and ‘gimmick-free’ lyrics.

“Who cares how many Trippy Stick vaporizers and marijuana grams a man smoked? The moral-less model broads, I been through those before rap money. I’m trying to live the free life, forever and through my kids” says rapper C.KHiD.

Next C.KHiD album, New Rap Songs, is scheduled to released via to fans August 9th, 2012. For a $2.99 subscriptions fans get all new songs early and by e-mail.

After the store release, viral music videos will be uploaded to YouTube. Those rap videos will include a free album download link in their descriptions.

No Trippy sticks and Drugs? No sleezy Hip Hop models? No gimmicks? What makes C.KHiD think he can sell new songs to American teens failing in education and opportunity?

“Faith.” answers C.KHiD. He continues “Nobody believed in me when I was growing up. I was drug free, loved the people in the streets, rap, and basketball growing up. Because I didn’t care about maintaining a facade image, I was demonized more than peers doing just as much or crazier things. I know to believe in the Underdog because nobody believed in me.”

And believe, those nay-sayers should have. Rapper C.KHiD is not just a Hip Hop artist that scored some popular songs on-line, he is a digital mogul. By the time the South Carolina music artist exited High School he was piecing together international business ideas that would lead to millions of dollars of revenue for a few major companies.

“I’m not set as I should be. I was a baller according to Tupac’s lyrics.” spoke C.KHiD of his past mogul presence. “But I know how to get it. Even if I don’t go platinum, I’ll make good money, music, and videos for my music fans.”

Not only a savvy businessman, the South Carolina rapper helped establish legitimate careers that changed the lives of other youth, including ex-gang members, from Illinois, Tennessee, and New York.

If a fan of true good music, the next C.KHiD album will be one to download. The album-titled single, “New Rap Songs”, is likely to draw comparisons to an early Eminem, delivery-wise and lyrically.

Production on the “New Rap Songs” album is from Roscoe Beats, GUE Beatz, Dresmore Music, and Matthew Houston productions.

Various major blogs and Hip Hop media outlets are also scheduled to celebrate the “New Rap Songs” album release. C.KHiD will be giving exclusive interviews for fans to find by Google searching “C.KHiD Interviews”, beginning August 15th.

Watch all current C.KHiD music videos on YouTube at .

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