Synth-Dimension Announce Debut Album Release “Dreams Of Electronic Mind”

January 14, 2013

Composer/Producer Ruslan Bozhok announced that the debut album from Synth-Dimension, Dreams Of Electronic Mind, was released by Synth-Dimension Studios on January 1, 2010. The ten track album was released on the Avalanche Music Consulting Label (Minneapolis, Minnesota). The first single was “Synthesized Ghost of 80’s”.

Bozhok commented,”Dreams Of Electronic Mind is instrumental electronic music with a romantic soul and good sounds from the 80’s. It’s very melodic and nostalgic. Many modern composers of electronic music only use the computer’s resources, but with Dreams Of Electronic Mind, I used many vintage devices and synthesizers. The soul of the music comes from the synthesizer.”

The featured track from Dreams Of Electronic Mind is “Synthesized Ghost Of 80’s,” which is a mid tempo techno with strong thematic lines, and the driving pulse of 16th note arpeggiated bass and classics 80’s synth sounds. The piece is built around solid chord changes from F minor to B flat minor, and then it resolves from E flat minor C, which is a set up for great melodic writing. The drum beat keeps the song driving along for an enjoyable song that fits this style well. Synth-Dimension shows not only a love for the fun of 80’s Electronica, but solid themes and variations of classical music, which give this instrumental track strong harmonic substance. It will be very appealing to those who enjoy good composition with a groove.

Ruslan Bozhok began playing the piano at age 6. At age 17, he became very enthusiastic about programming synthesizers, and also began to compose his own music. Over time, he was introduced to the New Age and instrumental synth pop genres. His musical inspiration came from artists such as Didier Marouani (SPACE), Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, and Vangelis.

Dreams Of Electronic Mind will be available for purchase at iTunes, Napster, eMusic and Amazon.

About Synth-Dimension:
Synth-Dimension is creating music in instrumental electronica genre which combines the classic electronic sound of the 80-ties with the modern technology of sound. Synth-Dimension is influenced by synth pop, italo disco, and space synth genres but at the same time is noted to be a lot more melodic. The leader of the project is Ruslan Bozhok, a professional composer and producer from Moscow, Russia.

Ruslan Bozhok

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