As the world watches the clock tick down to the end of the Mayan calendar, many are left wondering what it all means. Some speculate that its the end of time, or end of the world for us here on Earth. Why else would the Mayan’s, who were so adept at astronomy, end their calendar […]

FRESH on the UK urban scene comes Birmingham rapper myKey, dropping his debut single Right Or Wrong through RokSolid Records. The release, which was mixed in Kingston Jamaica, has been getting support from taste-maker DJ Trevor Nelson who’s played it on his Breakfast show and as a result is now playlisted on BBC1Xtra. Alongside myKey’s […]

YulePlay, a website that features a huge variety of festive Christmas music by over 2,000 artists, has just launched its easy-to-use site. The new website,, provides fans with the opportunity to do something that no other site does—explore the entire genre of Christmas music in one space. The timing of the new site is […]